Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eglinton Subway vs. Eglinton LRT: Who cares?

So I've spent a day combing through transit reports in order to gather the data needed to simulate the effects of  the Eglinton LRT and Eglinton subway transit plans on commute times to downtown. I generated the necessary maps and am now able to carefully compare their effects.

Conclusion: who cares?

I've had to bring out a microscope to be able tell the difference between these two plans. At maximum zoom, I can detect a subtle difference in shading in a few places. It turns out that neither of these plans are big game changers. Apparently, the laws of physics win out. If you live far away from downtown, then it will take you a long time to commute there. If you live on the edges of the inner suburbs, you may end up saving 10 minutes or so on your one-way commutes. If you live in outer Scarborough, you likely won't see any real difference.

I'll write this up more properly later.

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