Tuesday, December 14, 2004

JOGL and Resizing Windows

I'm not sure if I'm the only person who's not using JOGL to do animation, but I seem to have a problem where when I resize a JOGL window, it fails to update its screen correctly. Most people don't encounter this because if they constantly update their screen inside an animation loop, any update failures will correct themselves during the next pass through the animation loop. A quick search through Google brings up nothing.

What happens is that if I use the November 19th build of JOGL, when I resize the window, I get a blank white screen. When I resize it again, I get my image displayed correctly again.

I suspect that the problem has something to do with double-buffering after a resize. Here is my evidence:

a) when I do successive resizing, it alternates between being ok and not being ok
b) after I do a resize, cover the window, and uncover the window, the window looks fine again
c) if I create a single-buffered OpenGL context, JOGL keeps dumping stack traces to the console
d) The following bit of code looks suspicious:
if (autoSwapBuffers && !isReshape) {swapBuffers();}

Still, when I trace through the execution of the code, everything seems to trigger correctly, so I suspect that maybe I'm just doing something incorrectly in OpenGL or elsewhere. If I force an extra buffer swap after a reshape, everything does seem to work correctly (the white screen still shows, but it's quickly overwritten during the successive call to display). Perhaps it's a driver problem. I should try this on a different machine.

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